Tuesday, May 30, 2006


My Quotables

Trust is not easily gained but easily lost; its importance must not be underestimated.

Logic helps.

Il faut réfléchir. (One must think)
~courtesy of my Maths teacher in Angouleme

One must have pride, but must not let it take the upper hand.
Another way of putting it: Pride is a virtue, excessive pride is not. -10th June 2006

Philosophy is good, but too much can drive you crazy.

La haine épuise. (literally: to hate is exhausting)

Sederhana dalam menimbangkan kepentingan diri dan kepentingan orang lain.
Membuat pertimbangan supaya tidak terlalu mementingkan diri sendiri dan tidak pula terlalu menjaga kepentingan orang lain sehingga boleh merosakkan diri sendiri.
~courtesy of: Pengetahuan Moral

Sarcasm is the spice of words. -31st May 2006

Swearing just shows that you don't have enough vocabulary not to. -12th June 2006

All work and no play...n'est pas bon pour la santé! ("is not good for your health", but this way it rhymes :P) -25th October 2006

To know not is to imagine. -25th October 2006
Origin: There’s the saying tak kenal maka tak cinta (to know not is to love not). But when one doesn’t know something for what it really is, one can imagine and love what one imagines.

I don't like theory, I like logic. -12th November 2006

Being good sucks stinks. Being bad sucks stinks. So be nothing. But being nothing sucks stinks. -1st December 2006

I have great faith in the human brain. -1st December 2006

Smashing is exhilarating. -11th December 2006

If you help someone, let them help you back. (if they want to) -31st December 2006

In a perfect world...we wouldn't have written that. -1st January 2007

Study tip: get enough sleep! -7th January 2007

You have a brain; use it. -27th January 2007

Carelessness is costly. -29th January 2007

Politeness isn't one of my strong points. Not-being-rude-ness is. -21st April 2007

To be a good liar, you need to have a good memory. -29th April 2007
Edit (19th Nov 2007): Mark Twain agrees with me! "If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything."

"Agak-agak" is a science. -14th May 2007
[agak-agak ~ approximation]

Nothing beats a sense of accomplishment. -10th June 2007

Craziness takes getting used to. -26th August 2007
We accept crazy things if we're taught them since birth. Why? Because we're so used to them, they seem normal.

To have equality, there must be no difference. Wherever difference exists, there is no running away from inequality. -6th October 2007

Friendship is a barter trade with credit. -23rd February 2008
(We give and take, but not always at the same time.)

I don't talk, I write. -4th February 2008

A real gentleman might open a door for a lady, but a real lady would not wait for him to do so. -8th May 2008

Make people happy and you will be happier. Just don't expect anything in return. -28th August 2008

Loyalty in friendship is sadly underrated. -30th September 2008

To forgive is noble, to forget plain stupid. -30th September 2008
(or maybe just forgetful :P )

Maturity is knowing when to be immature. -16th October 2008
~courtesy of Hidayah's status message on Yahoo! messenger (originally by Randall Hall)

Laugh to keep from crying, smile to keep from frowning. -26th October 2008

To be perfect is an imperfection in itself. -26th October 2008
To strive to be perfect, however, is commendable. -16th November 2008
Striving to be perfect, however, brings you closer to perfection. -5th June 2009

-Tu ne préférerais pas être grand? -Non, j'ai le vertige. -13th December 2008
(-Wouldn't you like to be tall? -No, I'm afraid of heights.)

You shall not find a friend more loyal than me, but for that, first you have to be a friend. -27th February 2008

No one likes busybodies, not even kindly ones. -15th December 2008

Parce qu'au fond, on est tous un peu optimiste. (Because deep inside, we are all a little optimistic.) -7th February 2009

Books are my refuge. -17th February 2009

Take care of yourself, and you won't need to hide under make-up. -1st March 2009

J'aime bien aider des gens, mais il faut d'abord qu'ils s'aident eux-mêmes. (I like helping people, but they must first try to help themselves.) -12th March 2009

Un sourire, ça coûte rien. (A smile costs nothing.) -25th March 2009

I may be soft, mouldable like plasticine. But that also means that if broken, I can be put together again. -30th March 2009

Trying to look busy is more tiring than being busy. -15th April 2009

There are times when one should simply refuse to understand. -16th April 2009

J'aime le soleil, mais pas la chaleur. (I like the sun, but not the heat.) -23rd April 2009
~courtesy of Thierry M. (15th March 2009)

You think of the majority, I think of the whole. -8th May 2009

Why must we have one religion? Why can't we pick and choose? -9th May 2009

If you haven't got the right spelling, you haven't got the right word. -4th June 2009

The best way to get people to be honest is to not let them have any reason to be dishonest. -11th June 2009

Vocabulary is like building blocks and grammar like tools. -10th July 2009

Quelque chose qui n'est pas injuste n'est pas forcément bon...ni juste. (Something that is not unfair is not necessarily good...nor fair.) -13th July 2009

Je ne mange pas les gens. Ils sont pas bons, en tout cas. (I don't eat people. They're not good, anyway.) -2nd August 2009

Leaving isn't so bad when you know you'll be coming back. -4th August 2009

Humour is my favourite shield, and sarcasm is my favourite weapon. -4th August 2009

-Qu'est-ce qui est pire que des gens méchants? -Des gens méchants qui se font passer pour des gentils. -12th November 2009
(to cut a long story short: -What's worse than a wolf? -A wolf in sheep's clothing.)

Anything for a friend, everything for a friend. But are you a friend? -29th November 2009

Comprehension is key. -10th January 2010

Ma mémoire n'est pas effaçable, mais accumulable. (My memory is inerasable, but expandable.) -21st January 2010

Hope tells you to be optimistic, but experience teaches you to be pessimistic. -29th January 2010

Broken promises lead to broken hearts. -27th February 2010

Times change, things change, people change. -8th March 2010

Optimism is inborn, but pessimism is learned. -11th March 2010

I like a healthy dose of sarcasm. -28th March 2010

The flowers are out, and my sneezing is on. -29th March 2010

When you have more time, you want to do more things. That's why you never have enough. -30th March 2010

I don't like travelling, I like discovering. -19th August 2010

I don't wish for a world where we hear about good deeds in newspapers. I wish for a world where good deeds are so commonplace that they are no longer newsworthy. -2nd September 2010

Friendships turn sour because you forget to keep them sweet. -15th October 2010

Friends come and go, but it doesn't make any of them less valuable while they were with you. -5th November 2010
~courtesy of Philip Wang

There is a thin line between the most distant friends and the closest acquaintances. -2nd December 2010

If I could choose between the two, I would prefer feeling angry to feeling disappointed. -3rd December 2010

If you are hurting and feel like bleeding, pick up a red pen and draw the blood. -7th December 2010
(against self-injury)

The best jokes are those without malice. -15th December 2010

If a genie asked me how would I like to change [friend's name], I would answer him ‘let him have more trust and become less mysterious, and a bit more handsome’. If the genie asked me again ‘are you sure?’, I would answer him with a smile ‘nope, I actually prefer the present [friend's name]’. -28th February 2011
~courtesy of Kuaci

Paranoia is a little like vanity; it's thinking that the world revolves around you. -4th March 2011

I'm a pack rat. And pack rats don't throw anything away, least of all friends. -8th March 2011

There is something about the written word that makes it more appealing than its typed counterpart. -9th April 2011

I'm all for simple language. Leave the complicated words to the novelists. -20th April 2011

Just because you can, does not mean you should. -26th April 2011
This is old, and has been said all over. But...it is still so true.

A boyfriend should be a partner, not a master nor a slave. -31st May 2011

Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most...but then it is harder to show appreciation. -30th June 2011

Swear words are like drugs; use them only when absolutely necessary. -3rd August 2011

There is nothing like seeing someone's face light up because of you. -23rd September 2011

If in one day, I can make one person laugh out loud with plain good-natured amusement, my day will not have been a complete waste. -27th October 2011

We all want to help one another; human beings are like that. We want to live by each other's happiness, not by each other's misery.
~from the movie The Great Dictator

I can forgive anything but bad intentions. -14th January 2012

Trust, unlike buildings, is easier to build than to rebuild. -28th March 2012

I do not give to gain favours, I give for favours received. -13th April 2012

My enemies do not have the power to hurt me as much as my friends do. -28th May 2012

If you have never placed someone else's happiness before your own, then you have never really known what love is. -28th May 2012

Some wounds never heal, you just become numb to the pain. -12th October 2012

Girls do not always look better with make-up; a blank canvas looks better than an ugly painting. -13th October 2012

Be it inner beauty or outer beauty, it remains in the eye of the beholder. -14th October 2012

I wish... I wish... that I weren't wishing. -13th January 2013

It's tough being a girl. You are blamed for everything you do, and for everything you don't do. -12th April 2013

I hate him because he forces me to act in a manner I loathe. -16th June 2013

I don't like to force people to do things. People laugh at me when I say that, but it's true. -25th June 2013

When you are a regular customer, sometimes you get extras. The same goes for scoldings. -31st July 2013
(When you merit scoldings too often, you will get more and more each time)

Sometimes I want to shift into nasty gear, but the stick shift gets stuck. -31st July 2013

At the end of the day, I prefer to like myself. -20th August 2013
In the same vein:
- Maybe you should be less nice?
- No... I prefer to like myself.

Being unable to trust is like treading on a layer of thin ice, sharp icicles above, hot lava beneath. -24th September 2013

You never regret the things you do as much as the things you don't do. -15th March 2014

The morning is wiser than the evening. -16th March 2014
(A Russian proverb, which I discovered in Vasilisa the Beautiful)

I am always looking for the perfect way to say something. -27th March 2014
(looking back at my Quotables list so far...this is the 106th in this section!)

I don't crack under pressure, I harden. -1st April 2014
(like diamonds!)

Trends should not be something you follow; they should be something you create. -23rd May 2014

The only kind of TLC I am capable of is tough loving care. -12th September 2015

Good food is not meant to be argued upon. -11th October 2015

When one friend punches you and another friend looks on, neither is your friend. -11th January 2016

Some people never let you down. This can be due to two reasons. One, they are wonderful and you know you can count on them no matter what. Two, you have no expectations of them, so whatever they do, they cannot disappoint. -23rd January 2016

Trying isn't always succeeding, but it is closer to succeeding than not trying. -28th October 2016

It is a delicate skill to be able to balance truth and tact. -27th December 2016

Allow others their weaknesses, even if they are not the same as yours. -9th March 2017

There are many people out there I don't agree with, but very, very few I would wish to eradicate from my life. -19th April 2017
~courtesy of Erin C.

If I am hated by the oppressors for speaking out against their oppression, so be it. -18th April 2018

When someone asks you to do something for the good of everyone, do you say "Why should I?" or "What do I need to do?" -18th April 2018

Love is quieter than gunshots. But there's more of it. -28th April 2018
~courtesy of ASmallFiction

Part of keeping one's sanity is giving up on people who are not worth it. -5th August 2018

When your repeated requests fall on deaf ears, you know that they just don't care. -11th December 2018

Mountains do not rise without earthquakes. -12th December 2018
~quote seen online, attributed to Katherine MacKenett (full quote: Now, every time I witness a strong person, I want to know: What dark did you conquer in your story? Mountains do not rise without earthquakes.)

So many things to hug, so few arms. -28th August 2019

Always happy to learn a few things here and there. Never happy to take exams. -4th November 2019
Being new to the job doesn't give you a license to build bridges that will break. -16th July 2021

There are many ways to write bad code, but much fewer ways to write good code. -6th August 2021

The shape is awesome, the speed is amazing, the breeze is wonderful! I'm such a great fan! -12th November 2021

,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_ .-:*'``'*:-.,_

Warning: Geek mode!

There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who can read binary and those who don't.
~from a Facebook group

Developing software alone is like living alone. No one moves your stuff around, and you always know where everything is. Unless if you're forgetful.
Developing software in a team is like living with housemates. You have people roaming all over the place. You sometimes can't find your stuff, but sometimes you find surprises!
-23rd November 2014

,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_ .-:*'``'*:-.,_

Minesweeper philosophy

Il ne faut pas confondre la vitesse et la précipitation. (do not confuse speed with haste)
~courtesy of my Maths teacher in Angouleme

Look before you click.

If you start hurting, stop playing!

Speed kills.

Your mouse is your best friend. -10th September 2006

Don't forget to have fun. -28th December 2006

Men are much more likely to do housework if the floor is strewn with mines. -9th July 2007
(just for fun :P)
(Looking back at this, I suddenly think of a sentence I read somewhere about why men like barbecuing: Men will cook if danger is involved. There seems to be an analogy with this quotable... -21st August 2007)

Jouer avec modération. -20th April 2008
(play with moderation)

Playing quickly on Minesweeper is like feeling the breeze while cycling. -13th July 2009

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